This is the CCA Registration Portal for Sec One Students to register their CCA Choices.
You may refer to User Guide under the attachment (Below) on how to register your choices.

Registration Period: 14 Jan (Mon), 3pm to 16 Jan (Wed) 6pm.


  • Each student is given 5 choices.
  • At least one of the CCA choices must be a Uniformed Group.
  • CCA Canoeing requires you to be proficient in swimming at least 50 metres.


  1. Schedule of CCA training and the venues are placed at the Mini Forum. You also have a copy in the Orientation booklet on page 14 & 15. You should refer to the schedule for your own planning.
  2. Note that your ranking of CCA preference is VERY IMPORTANT. Please think through what you really want and rank them accordingly.
  3. Results of Round 1 of CCA Allocation will be placed at the Mini Forum on Friday 18th Jan.
  4. Please report for your CCA trials and interviews as scheduled (schedule and venue will be put up on the mini forum)
  5. Results of Round 2 of CCA Allocation will be placed at the Mini Forum on Friday 25th Jan

If you choose not to exercise your options by 16 Jan, the school understands that you are comfortable with any CCA assigned to you.

All successful submission will be listed on your "Status tab".

Physical Sports Uniformed Group Performing Arts Clubs & Society
Badminton Girl Guides Angklung AVA Club
Canoeing NCC Choir Chess Club
Hockey NPCC Dance (Chinese/Modern) Enterprise Club
Netball Red Cross Indian Dance (2nd CCA) ELDDS (English)
Softball   Symphonic Band Computer Club
Track & Field     Library Club
Touch Rugby (2nd CCA)     Art & Photography Club

Your username is your school's Student ID and password is your date of birth DDMMYYYY.

You are required to change user password and enter your eMail upon FIRST login.
For further Assistance, please email to